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Move Over or Slow Down

As a personal injury lawyer, I find it very concerning that many drivers don’t abide by (or in some cases aren’t even aware of) Texas’ “move over or slow down law.” This law is in place to protect police officers, firefighters,…

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Google Self-Driving Car Hits a Bus

In what is potentially the first case of a self-driving car wreck, Google’s self-driving car hit another vehicle this past Valentine’s Day. The report shows that the Google car was traveling at under two miles per hour when the crash…

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Home Explosion Injuries One Person in Johnson County

A gas leak was the cause of Tuesday’s night home explosion in Keene, Texas. The homeowner’s fireplace was lit when he began to smell gas and soon after the explosion occurred. There has been no exact word on the condition…

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Solar Eclipses and Eye Safety

This Monday the world got to experience something that does not frequently occur: a solar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs whenever the moon passes in the middle of the Sun and the Earth, causing a silhouette-styled view. The sight is…

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Don’t Eat Tide Pods. Here’s Why

Every once in a while there is a new fad going around among the younger population. As absurd as they may sound, some kids are actually taking part of challenges and sharing them on social networks for everyone to see….

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Hit and Run Truck Wreck Leads to Four Women Dead

DALLAS – A Texas teenager named Jose Lule has been charged in connection with a fatal wreck that led to the deaths of four women. The women were driving together when their vehicle was struck by a pickup truck as…

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North Tarrant Parkway to Get Safety Upgrades Soon

Those who are familiar with North Fort Worth know that even though the area is rapidly booming with homes and new populations, there are certain places that need to be improved. One of these locations is North Tarrant Parkway, an…

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