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Guest article by Ross Paterson, XM Performance

In addition to being a former client of the Anderson Injury Lawyers, Ross is a business coach extraordinaire who currently helps us achieve our goals.

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.”

–  Tom Landry

With these short and precise words of wisdom, football great Tom Landry unlocks the reason why New Year’s resolutions fail with regularity.  Goals are as essential to success as air is to life.  However, simply stating your goals will not bring you success.  Every goal needs a plan, and every plan needs accountability in order to achieve dramatic results.

I was reading an article on the internet earlier this year that stated that less than three percent of business owners have the focus to write down their annual goals.  I was blown away – less than three percent!  The article went on to state that these owners lead businesses that are consistent market leaders.

As we launch into 2014, don’t make New Year’s resolutions you can’t and won’t  keep.  Instead, decide where you want to be at the end of 2014, and write down a vision of how you want your life to look in December.  Then start making a plan that will help you reach your vision, and stick with that plan.

Need some inspiration and process for getting this done?  Here is my January  reading recommendation: “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz