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FORT WORTH – Wednesday afternoon on I-30, police embarked on a two-hour-long pursuit of 42-year-old Joe Ben Gonzales. The chase led police from the streets of Fort Worth into Arlington, when Gonzales finally wrecked into a SWAT vehicle (as was the SWAT team’s intention) and SWAT officers wrestled him to the ground. Gonzales was found to have a considerable amount of meth in his car.

The chase all began near East Belknap Street and Sylvania Avenue in Fort Worth when officers attempted to stop Gonzales during a drug investigation. The woman who was driving the car at the time got out and complied with police, but Gonzales – a passenger at the time of the stop – hopped over to the driver’s side and sped away.

Officers seized over 400 grams of meth, and now Gonzales is facing felony charges.

During the chase, eastbound I-30 traffic was stopped and some drivers got out to watch.