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Although drivers do not like being stuck in traffic, they would rather endure a couple of extra minutes on the road instead of trying to do a dangerous maneuver that could result in a car accident. This is what happened in a Dallas accident last weekend that resulted in one person dead.

Speeding Down the Wrong Way

The accident occurred this past Saturday morning near Belt Line Road and Coit Road in Richardson. According to authorities, the accident happened after a driver travelling northbound on Coit Road attempted to go around traffic by going southbound on the same road. When the driver was attempted to perform this maneuver, the driver impacted a pickup truck, which consequently sent the first driver’s vehicle spinning. Then, another vehicle t-boned the first driver’s vehicle. The driver attempting to out-maneuver traffic was pronounced dead at the scene. Footage of the first vehicle shows a completely destroyed car, with pieces of metal of the vehicles involved on the road.

According to nearby witnesses, the impact of the accident was so strong that they could hear it from inside of a restaurant. Other witnesses noted the impact sounded like an earthquake. Many residents nearby came near the scene of accident, as they were shocked of the severity of the impact.

How Do You Deal With Traffic?

Dealing with traffic can be an unbearable task, especially with all of the construction taking place in North Texas. Interstates such as I-35 (east and west), state highway 183, and other roads with high traffic can easily be packed with cars throughout the week. Even more, commuting time between Fort Worth and Dallas has been elongated due to road changes, car accidents, and traffic caused by drivers who either not going on the limit or are driving distracted. This can cause an otherwise normal half-hour drive to turn to an hour drive, causing drivers to be impatient. The importance is not to be impatient and to control one’s temperament.

For this reason, how do you deal with traffic, especially traffic in peak hours? Do you stay cool and calm, or do you get heated and impatient? Say you’re giving advice to Fort Worth drivers here; what would you tell them? Would you tell them to not text and drive? Would you advise them as to which roads they should take to avoid traffic? Let us know in the comments below, and as usual, please remember to drive safely.