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Fall is a season that the majority of people enjoy. Whether its cooking food with pumpkin, going to football games, or preparing for Thanksgiving, fall is a season that holds many memorable events. Many drivers enjoy fall as well due to many reasons, such as having the opportunity to drive without the blazing Texan heat, among other reasons. However, it is important for drivers to maintain a safe driving composure even in the midst of the holiday season.

Three Important Safety Tips for Fall

Here we breakdown three simple yet important safety tips that every driver should look for when driving during the fall.

1. Watch for Season-Related Road Hazards

One of the biggest pieces of symbolism for fall is leaves falling. While brown, yellow, orange, and red leaves make a wonderful sight, these leaves can create a hazard when they get on the road. First, leaves that are caught between a wet road and vehicle tires can momentarily cause a car to lose its grip on the road. Although it can occur in an instant, an accident can occur if the driver brakes suddenly without proper traction. Second, many leaves on the road can interfere with a vehicle’s complete maneuvering capacity. This is important as it deals with the ability of the car to withstand the unexpected.

2. Daylight Savings

For many daylight savings is great, especially because people get to sleep an hour more. The body, however, can take several days to get used to a sooner sunset; this can create a small amount of drowsiness to some drivers. For this reason, it is important for drivers to receive sufficient sleep in order to allow their bodies to safely continue operating, even when it’s getting used to a change in time.

3. The Holiday Season

While the holiday season is filled with joy and laughter, it is important for drivers to be on the lookout for several holiday-related factors. One of these factors is other drivers choosing to drive intoxicated after they have left a party. This creates a danger to drivers, which is why drivers must always be alert, especially during late in the evening. Thanksgiving is an exciting holiday, which is why it is important to stay safe in order to enjoy it fully and without unwanted interruptions.

What Else Can I Do to Stay Safe During the Fall?

One of the most important ways that drivers can stay safe during the fall is being prepared. This means knowing what time an event starts and what the departure time for that event should be, being on the lookout for any abnormalities on the road, and knowing what to do if an unexpected situation occurs. All of these things prevent rushing, speeding, and driving in an unsafe manner; in other words, proper preparation avoids unwanted situations. Furthermore, talking to your family about other ways to stay safe during fall can create meaningful discussions about driving safety. What are other ways that you can stay safe during fall?