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As many people who live in Texas can say, severe thunderstorms and weather conditions are things to be cautious of and fully prepared for. Not only can car accidents occur from a the effects of a thunderstorm, such as wrecks caused by traffic lights that have malfunctioned or strong winds pushing a car sideways, there are other situations that can cause equal harm. This was the case in North Texas, as two siblings were killed after coming into contact with a power line.

A Strong Storm

As many residents in Fort Worth, Dallas, and other cities in North Texas can say, the severe thunderstorm that occurred early Wednesday morning at around 2:00 am in the morning was a very powerful one. From strong winds, heavy rains, and tornado sirens echoing in the air, the thunderstorm was responsible for many power outages and fallen power lines.

According to police and other officials with the Fort Worth Fire Department, two brothers, 11-year-old Isaiah Lopez and his older brother, 12 year-old Alex Lopez, were both victims of being electrocuted after coming into contact with power lines that had fallen. The situation occurred near Oakland Lake Park in east Fort Worth, and fire fighters responded to the scene. According to emergency personnel, the power lines were still energized at the time of the accident, which could be seen as a fire was ignited due to the electric lines.

The Fort Worth Fire Department and MedStar determined that the kids had died as a result from their injuries.

Response from the Energy Provider

Oncor, the company that takes care of the powerline, responded to the scene to secure that the power lines would be turned off and de-energized until they were properly repaired. A spokesperson with Oncor reached out to the local news outlet and stated that the company is working with the authorities to determine the exact cause of the accident, as well as providing condolences to the boys’ family.

How Can Kids Stay Safe Following a Thunderstorm?

Typically in situations where children are taught emergency safety measures the emphasis is placed on what to do during and emergency situation. While this is important in itself, it is important for emergency education to include topics such as what to do following natural disasters and emergencies, such as prevention from hazardous objects, or in this case, fallen power lines. Power line electrocutions can be just as deadly as personal injuries that have occurred on the road (in car and truck wrecks), and it is equally important for children to be properly prepared as to what they can do following a natural disaster and what they should not do.

Following a strong thunderstorm such as the one that occurred early Wednesday morning, it is important for children to be instructed with safety measures. These safety measures can include:

  • Not being around broken objects, such as glass and metal
  • Avoiding walking around and coming into contact with fallen power lines
  • First-aid safety
  • Accident prevention tips

Kids are not always prepared for the unexpected to happen, so it is the job of parents and adults to educate and inform them of ways that they can stay safe in dangerous situations, such as the environment following a severe thunderstorm.