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A tragedy occurred Thursday morning when in Vernon near FM Road 925 in North Texas. According to officials, at around 7:20 in the morning a mother and her three children were on the road when the SUV they were in went off-road and rolled over multiple times after entering a ditch. The reason why the SUV went off-road is not clear and is under investigation, as authorities note that the road conditions were dry and with clear visibility.

One of the children, a 10-year-old girl, was pronounced dead. The mother was transported via helicopter to a nearby hospital. As to the other two children, the oldest sibling was medically treated at the scene and released, and the son was transported via helicopter to Cook’s Children Hospital in Downtown Fort Worth. Both the mother and son suffered serious injuries.

What Could Have Caused the Accident?

While the cause of the accident is still under investigation, there are three reasons why the accident occurred that are worth considering.

  • The mom was avoiding an accident. With farm-to-market roads, often times they are not as wide as regular roads and they mainly consist of two lanes, one travelling one direction, and the other travelling the opposite direction. It could be possible that there was another vehicle that was going to impact the SUV and the mom quickly maneuvered her vehicle out of the oncoming vehicle’s path. In the process, it is possible that the mom lost control of her vehicle.
  • The mom suffered a medical emergency. Seizures, heart attacks, and strokes can be very dangerous, especially when they occur to someone that is driving. These types of medical conditions can be dangerous to drivers, especially considering that these emergencies tend to immobilize the victim. Perhaps the mother had a medical emergency that prevented her from further operating her SUV, which caused the vehicle to go off-road.
  • The mom was distracted. It is also possible that the mom was distracted, whether she was on her phone looking texting and driving, or she simply reached down to pick something that had fallen to the floor. It doesn’t take a minute for an accident to occur.

Other factors can be considered, such as whether there was an obstacle on the road or another unforeseen danger that caused the mother to go off-road. Once an investigation is completed, it can become clear as to what caused the accident.

What Do You Think Caused the Accident?

Do you think the accident was caused by another reason not stated above? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below and please remember, drive safely.