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The Story

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Dena Gomez, the South Texas woman who ran her boyfriend over with a car and killed him, has been sentenced to probation and fined $10,000.

Gomez ran her boyfriend, Alfrado Ayala Jr., over outside of a bar after finding him with a group of women. Though some argue that Gomez wanted to kill her boyfriend for lying to her about being at work, defense attorneys claim that Gomez only wanted to rev her vehicle. Gomez maintains that Alfrado’s death was an accident.

What Happens If You Accidently Hit a Pedestrian in Texas

Traffic accidents between vehicles and pedestrians are all too common.  According to 2012 data by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 14 percent of all Texas traffic fatalities are pedestrians. Fourteen percent is pretty startling, especially when considering the nature of such accidents.

After a car-pedestrian accident (assuming the driver is at fault), there are a number of civil and criminal consequences for the driver. If the driver accidentally hits someone and drives away, they face criminal charges, possibly even a felony arrest and a prison sentence. Similarly, if the driver was drunk, they can look forward to a DUI arrest and conviction.

If a (sober) driver accidently hits and kills a pedestrian, they too can face criminal charges, but only under very specific circumstances. If the pedestrian’s death was truly an accident, criminal charges are unlikely, though the driver can still face a wrongful death lawsuit.