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A North Texas school district has taken disciplinary measures against school bus drivers who were speeding on the job.

Numerous Citations for School Bus Drivers

According to the “NBC 5 Investigates” team, multiple citations – over 480 – have been given to speeding bus drivers since 2014.

According to investigators, $80,000 of tax payer money has gone to pay for these citations. Dallas County school bus drivers are not required to pay the citations on their own.

Reports also note that many of these bus drivers were not only speeding in streets. Some of the bus drivers were speeding by other buses that were either loading or unloading students in busy streets, and many drivers drove through red lights in traffic intersections. This behavior is dangerous for the children inside of the bus, local residents, and the bus driver themselves.

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Consequences for Speeding Bus Drivers

Representatives for Dallas County Schools, including the board president Larry Duncan, are taking disciplinary measures. So far, the district has fired 13 of its bus drivers and suspended 229 others. It’s important to note that not all 229 drivers will be suspended at the same time, but district representatives have assured the public that the suspensions will ensue.

Additionally, the school district is requesting that the bus drivers pay their own fines. Several members in the district’s personnel have been demoted after school officials realized that not enough action was taken to prevent these dangerous traffic violations. The school’s board president also expressed that the problem will not and should not happen again.

These measures come after the district’s board president was shocked to find out that many of the bus drivers were not held accountable or questioned for speeding and running through red lights. The school district also expresses the fact that traffic violations from bus drivers will no longer be tolerated. These steps are also made to ensure that the children are receiving the safest transportation possible and that parents can be sure that their children are being taken care of.