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The Texas Department of Transportation announced details of this month’s effort called “DWI Hangovers Don’t Go Away.” TxDOT spokesman John Barton says the campaign highlights the dangers of drinking and driving. Barton says the radio, TV and social media effort also stresses the importance of having a designated driver.

Officials plan to be at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin today and at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dallas on Saturday. State figures show Texas last year had 25,158 alcohol-related crashes that resulted in 1,022 deaths. TxDOT says Texas during 2013 spring break had a 23-percent increase in alcohol-related deaths compared to a year earlier.

As spring break continues, I would like to remind everyone to be aware of your alcohol consumption not only for driving purposes, but also for your own health. Alcohol may serve as a danger to yourself, but you serve as an even bigger danger to the people around you if you drive. The damage that could be done may not be able to be undone, so make sure that you are drinking safely.