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Professional BMX stunt rider Matt Olsen got a lot of attention for himself this weekend after he rode his bike across the top of the arches on West Seventh Street Bridge on Saturday afternoon. A video of the stunt has been doing the rounds on local news.

As impressive as Olsen’s stunt was, however, as a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer, I feel it is my duty to point out just how dangerous – and reckless – it really was. Just the smallest mistake could have caused Olsen to fall – either on to the roadway or into the Trinity River. Either could have resulted in serious injuries or death. Of course, Olsen is used to suffering injuries for his art. In the past, he has suffered multiple knee injuries, knocked his teeth out several times, ruptured his spleen, and had 13 concussions.

It is important that the public – particularly impressionable kids and teenagers – understand just how dangerous what Olsen did is. Do not attempt it yourselves.

A Fort Worth police officer witnessed Olsen’s stunt and let him off with a warning, but if copycats try to duplicate Olsen’s stunt on the easily-accessible bridge, then we could see a spate of catastrophic injuries among local bicyclists. So please, all you budding Evil Knievels, let’s leave it to the pros, shall we?

Update 1/14/14:

Following the widely circulated video of Olsen’s stunt, the City of Fort Worth is now exploring options to discourage this dort of reckless behavior in the future. Ideas being discussed include guarrails to prevent people climbing on top of the arches, as well as warning signs and safety nets.