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Arlington police say a suspected drunken driver crashed into a patrol car while an officer on DWI patrol was responding to a major accident call over the weekend. The officer and the driver were treated and later released from a local hospital after the early Sunday crash.

The 53-year-old driver was arrested after being discharged and faces a charge of driving while intoxicated. Police say the officer was traveling down a street when the driver pulled out in front of him from a side street.

Summer holidays have always proven to be major problem for drinking and driving. Many people go to pool parties or barbeques and get a little carried away. Instead of getting a friend to take them home or wait for a cab, they decide to drive themselves home and put other innocent people on the road at risk.

With Memorial Day yesterday and the 4th of July coming up before we know it, everyone should know their limits and should have a back-up plan for getting home. Even a regular weekend day at the pool can be a problem. Maybe talk to a sober friend beforehand about possibly picking you up, or designate a safe driver before the drinking even begins.

Some of the most deadly crashes happen because of driving while intoxicated. Although this accident seems to have been fairly minor, it is a warning of what could happen. Anyone can get hit at anytime, but teaching people about the influence of alcohol and the very serious repercussions of drinking and driving may be a great way to teach them about this kind of situation.

As a personal injury lawyer, I find it hard to believe that so many people still break this law. The possibility of death or injury is extremely high, but it doesn’t seem like these drunk drivers necessarily care. Drunk driving is a serious issue in the Fort Worth area that should not be taken lightly.