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What should’ve been a fun day at Texas Motor Speedway ended up going very wrong on Sunday when a go-kart went out of control, killing the 14-year-old female driver. Kierstin Eaddy was the young girl who was killed in the crash. She was a Flower Mound resident who was an honor student and a volunteer.

According to CareFlite, Eaddy was driving in a solo go-kart race when something went wrong. It wasn’t apparent at the time what happened, but it’s very clear that something wasn’t quite right.

Witnesses said she accelerated as she passed the finish line, a point when she should have been slowing down. The kart kept going until it hit a braided cable so hard that it took off the helmet she was wearing.

Eaddy was airlifted to an area hospital, but emergency crews could not save her. Texas Motor Speedway shut down all of its events after the wreck Sunday morning. The Fort Worth Police Department is investigating the cause of the crash and trying to determine if there was anything wrong with the go-kart.

There is always a chance that the go-kart was defective or poorly maintained. Maybe something was wrong with the brakes, or maybe the accelerator got jammed. Maybe there was delayed maintenance. Or maybe is was a lack of training by the TMS staff. After all, we are dealing with unlicensed drivers who need guidance. Whatever the issue turns out to be, a young girl’s life was ended way too early.

A few years ago I was an ad litem on a case against TMS. That case involved a child who lost control of a Bandelero car and hit and seriously injured another child. The case went to trial and TMS was found negligent. It was a very interesting, and tragic, case. Similarly, this case is an absolute tragedy.

I have a 14 year old daughter and cannot imagine what the Eaddy family is going through. will keep the the family in my thoughts during this difficult time.