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As the Texas weather starts warming up, more and more families are getting their swimsuits ready for summer. With water parks or even the pool right in your backyard becoming your weekend getaway, it’s an important reminder that children are always in danger around water. Texas continues to lead the nation in child pool drownings, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, because of the longer swim season and the sheer number of pools at homes.

Even children who know how to swim are sometimes too small to be seen on a crowded pool, which means they could potentially get pushed underwater without anyone realizing it. Drowning is so deadly because it only takes a minute and can be completely undetectable. It also usually occurs within a few feet of an adult who momentarily looks away from his or her child.

Caregivers and parents should always have their full attention on the kids around or in a pool without the distraction of a phone or anything else. As said before, it only takes one minute for a child to drown. According to the Texas Drowning Prevention Alliance (TDPA), a child can drown in the time it takes to text a friend. Child injuries are not something to mess around with, especially when this kind of injury is preventable with adult supervision.

Some tips from TDPA to prevent child drownings include:

  • Enrolling your children in swimming lessons. Kids who learn to swim are 88 percent safer than those who don’t.
  • Having children wear Coast Guard-approved life vests while boating. Lakes and rivers can be a dangerous place for children because of visibility issues once underwater.
  • Designating one adult to be the “water-watcher.” Kids should always remain in this adult’s line of sight.
  • Knowing CPR basics. In the event of an emergency, immediate action must be taken to save a child’s life. A CPR class or even just looking up the basics on the internet could be useful when you least expect it.