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CORPUS CHRISTI – Early Sunday, Chief of Police Floyd Simpson, 51, was riding south along Texas State Highway 361 when a truck heading in the opposite direction veered off the road and into oncoming traffic. The car in front of Simpson also swerved to avoid smashing into the truck.

Simpson attempted to maneuver his motorcycle out of the way, losing his helmet in the process. When he lost control and hit the ground, his head was unprotected. The impact killed him.

This is a sad example of traumatic brain injury that lead to death during a vehicle accident. As a Texas injury attorney, I can tell you that head injury is one of the most serious and potentially deadly injuries an accident victim can suffer. However, for all this, traumatic brain injuries are still widely misunderstood.

Car crashes account for more than half of the 1.7 million traumatic brain injuries diagnosed each year. They range in severity from small concussions to extreme fractures to death.

The reason car wrecks cause so many brain injuries is because of the blunt trauma that’s involved. When your car comes to a sudden stop, your head will continue moving forward and can strike the dashboard, the window shield, the side panels, and so on. At impact, the brain pulls away from the skull, causing injury like internal bleeding and brain damage.

Unfortunately, traumatic brain injuries tend to involve serious long-term consequences.