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The Bus Wreck

ODESSA, Texas — On January 14, a prison bus got into an accident on icy roads while driving on I-20. Two guards and eight prisoners were killed.

Today, the surviving four injured inmates were discharged from the hospital and transferred to prison medical facilities. The one surviving corrections officer, Jason Serf, remains in critical condition.

What Caused the Bus to Wreck?

We’ve spoken recently about single-vehicle accidents in Texas; unfortunately, they seem to be cropping up everywhere. When we think about deadly wrecks, it’s easy to picture multi-car pile ups involving smoke and flames, but that’s not always the case. In fact, according to statistics from the International Institute for Highway Safety, nearly half of all fatal car, bus and truck wrecks are single-vehicle accidents.

So if another vehicle wasn’t involved, what caused this prison bus to wreck? According to a report by the state Department of Public Safety, this bus wreck was one of six accidents in a two-hour period near I-20 caused by icy roads.

Ice on the road and large buses don’t mix well. Just like a car, a bus’s momentum, traction and maneuverability are all affected by slick roads, but unlike a car, if a driver loses control of their bus, it can easily lead to a flip over.