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Every day I see clients that need my firm’s help because of someone else’s negligent actions that could have been one hundred percent preventable if the person at fault was abiding by the safety laws.

The last day Texas had zero traffic fatalities was on November 7, 2000, and since then there have been 67,000 deaths on Texas roads – that averages at about ten deaths a day. In 2018, Texas averaged 12.7 deaths per 100,000 residents which sets the state higher than the national average of 11.2.

The Texas Department of Transportation has stated that they are going to budget $600 million to make Texas roadways safer over the next two years. In addition to making the roads safer, they have set an ambitious goal to end all Texas traffic fatalities by 2050.

Fortunately, the main contributors that lead to about ninety percent of Texas traffic deaths such as, speeding, drinking and driving, failure to stay in a lane, and distracted driving can all be prevented if drivers followed all the safety regulations of the road.

Reconstructing Texas roadways to be safer will only do so much to prevent traffic fatalities. We need all drivers to drive responsibly to eliminate the number of deaths on Texas roads completely.