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FORT WORTH – A man driving an SUV ran into the back of an 18-wheeler Tuesday. His car caught fire; he died as a result of his wounds.

A woman in the car with him was also injured.

A third car – a minivan – then crashed into the back of the SUV. When the minivan hit the SUV, it’s what caused the SUV to burst into flames.

Patrol officers responded to the 3300 block of the South Freeway (I-35 W).

After multi-vehicle wrecks like this one, the next step will be to begin treatment for the injured victims and to determine who’s at fault. Determining fault (“blame”) for the accident is important because if one driver can be held responsible for the wreck, their insurance will also be responsible for paying the victims’ medical bills, lost wages and damages. Additionally, they’ll compensate the families who wrongfully lost a loved one.

Since truck wrecks tend to involve more catastrophic injuries, it’s especially important that care and attention is placed on the post-wreck investigation.

Of course, there’s no assuming anything in cases like this one. More information will be needed to determine fault and begin the healing process.

So what happens next? The victims of this wreck will hire personal injury attorneys to gather all the information, including data from the scene of the collision. Their attorneys will be responsible for putting a case together to win compensation for their clients’ injuries, damage to their vehicles and deaths.