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FREEPORT, TX — Eighteen-year-old Lessly Nataly Acuna was killed early Saturday morning in a truck wreck.

After a night of dancing at Brazosport High School’s homecoming celebration, Acuna and three friends hopped in her truck and headed to an IHOP in Lake Jackson. That’s when investigators say Acuna took a turn too fast and flipped the truck.

Acuna died at the scene. Her three friends were unharmed.

Why Are Rollovers So Dangerous?

Though all passenger vehicles can flip, pickup trucks and SUVs are particularly susceptible to rollovers because they have a higher center of gravity and a relatively narrower track width than passenger cars. When a vehicle flips, it tends to eject occupants from inside, which is dangerous and often deadly. In addition, when the roof is crushed during a rollover, it reduces headroom, and passengers can experience fractured skulls, broken necks and traumatic brain injury as a result.

Is It Always the Driver’s Fault? 

Seventy-five percent of fatal rollovers involve only one car. For instance, a driver might hit a shoulder, might drive recklessly in rough conditions or — as in the tragic case above — a driver might take a turn too quickly. In these situations, the driver’s mistake caused the incident. But even then, is the vehicle safe enough? Many successful lawsuits have been won against the vehicle manufactured as a result of poor design of the passenger compartment. Some of the roof structures cannot withstand the impact of a rollover, even though the manufactures know there is a chance that the vehicle will rollover. Those are called “defective product” cases. They are quite common.

Compensation for Rollover Injuries.  

Victims of rollover accidents frequently receive settlements to compensate for accident-related expenses, including lost income, medical bills, lost prospects and physical and psychological pain.

Do Rollover Accident Victims Need a Lawyer?   

Potentially. Rollover accidents tend to be catastrophic and involve serious injuries or death, meaning they’ll require more expertise than something like a fender bender. I suggest each rollover accident victim and their families take a look at their case to see if they have any of the following:

  • Financial losses because of accident-related expenses
  • Delays in settling the claim
  • Denial of the claim by either a government entity or insurance company
  • The party at fault lacks insurance
  • Feelings of stress, helplessness or confusion

You should never feel pressured to hire an attorney, but it’s always smart to do your research and ask questions. I’m always available by phone to answer the questions of Fort Worth accident victims. Feel free to give me a call at any time for a free, no hassle conversation.