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An accident that occurred on Loop 820 East (in the 3000 block) left two children – an infant and a six-year-old – dead. The accident occurred after a Dodge Ram crashed into a Nissan Altima. Inside the Nissan were a mother and her two children. The accident took place when the impact of the Dodge pickup caused the Nissan to be forced into a nearby guardrail, leave the highway, and onto the service road.

The mother and her children were taken to the hospital. Both children were pronounced dead later that day.

The exact cause of the accident (e.g. speed, texting and driving, etc.) has not been stated, and the medical condition of the driver that caused the accident is unknown. However, police did find narcotics in the vehicle the mother was in; police have since charged her with possession.

As a car accident attorney, I know how difficult the aftermath of a wreck like this can be. I wish the injured victim and their family a speedy recovery.