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Two Kids Ejected, Seven Injured

According to police, two kids were launched out of their vehicle on Friday morning after the vehicle they were in lost control and hit a median. What was initially a single car accident turned into a multiple car wreck after the vehicle’s debris hit a dump truck, causing the dump truck driver to suddenly brake, which caused another vehicle to collide with the dump truck. As a result, seven individuals were injured, although the injuries involved were not serious.

The accident took place on Loop 820 eastbound near Fort Worth’s Meadowbrook Drive. The two kids who were ejected, a three-year-old and six-year-old, were not severely injured. It appears that rain may have played a factor in the accident, as roads tend to get slippery when the combination of rain and various oils on the road from vehicles mix and form a soapy surface. The accident forced all southbound lanes of Loop 820 to be closed until the accident was cleared by the Fort Worth Fire Department, which was a little bit after noon.

Whether or not the kids were ejected from the vehicle due to not wearing their seat belts is a question worth considering. Also, the seating position of the kids can come into consideration. For example, the combination of a kid not wearing a seat belt and sitting in the front scene could easily lead to an ejection in the midst of an accident. For this reason, parents must be careful with their children and put their seat belts on in order to avoid injuries should an accident occur.

Why Should Children Wear Seat Belts?

Seat belts are often thought as being unnecessary for several reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason is that people don’t think an accident will occur when they are on the road. Although this may seem like common thought to many people, the reality is that wearing a seat belt can be very beneficial to someone when an accident does occur. Yet again, how will that person know that the accident will occur? Of course, many times people don’t that an accident will occur until moments before impact. Wouldn’t you want to be prepared for something ahead of time instead of waking up at a hospital with injuries that could have been avoided?

This is even more important when it comes to children. Due to the fact that children are still in the process of learning and may or may not know what is best for them, parents and adults have the responsibility of them wearing a seat belt at all times. As mentioned before, accidents can happen with very little notice, and it’s always better to be prepared in terms of safety readiness than to be regretting the simple task of putting on a seat belt.

What other accidents do you know of where the consequences could have been avoided if a seat belt was simply used? Let us know in the comments below and remember to always buckle up and drive safely.