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A Terrible Tragedy

An accident occurred Wednesday morning in the City of Crowley that left a two-year-old girl dead. The accident took place in South Oak Street’s 400 block, where a car hit the child a very short distance away from the city’s fire and police departments. The child was rushed to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Downtown Fort Worth, where she passed away due to her injuries.

The city was celebrating the Bike Safety Rodeo, a tradition the city holds annually, in the city’s library when the accident occurred. It is not clear whether or not the child was headed to the safety course when the accident took place. According to reports, the city posted on its Facebook page that the event was cancelled, asking residents to not go in the area where the accident took place. For the remaining of the day, the city’s recreation center and library was still closed after police cleared the scene.

Adult Supervision is Always Required

Children of all ages should always be accompanied by an adult – preferably their parents – to events. This includes events such as marathons, trips to a waterpark, and in this case, a bike safety course. Regardless how astute the child may be, it is important to remember that kids are kids. They do not have the same experience that adults have, such as being alert of vehicles and not placing themselves in their way, knowing what actions lead to good decisions and which don’t, and knowing what to do when an emergency strikes. It is not a responsible decision to leave children wandering by themselves, as this is how they can be placed in a dangerous situation.

Several ways that parents can keep their kids safe during public events includes:

  • Making sure their children is always visible to them
  • Staying out of the way of vehicles
  • Being alert at all times
  • Keeping an eye out for possible dangers and taking appropriate action if danger occurs

It is better to prevent or avoid an accident from occurring versus the accident itself taking place. For this reason, parents should have their child’s safety as a priority at all times.

It is important to note that regards to this case, it is unclear whether or not the child was accompanied by her parents.

Do You Have Safety Tips?

There are many ways that parents can keep their kids safe. Do you know of a suggestion or tip for parents that can be beneficial to their children? What ways do you keep your kids safe in public events? Let us know in the comments below, and remember, stay safe.