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The Texas Department of Transportation just released their most updated 2013 numbers and data. The data includes everything from the number of commercial vehicle crashes to the number of wreck fatalities on every single day last year. This information is very important because it shows the breakdown of the different types of crashes and the reason as to why they occurred. For a personal injury lawyer like myself, I always find it interesting which areas had the most crashes, and why those crashes occurred.

As for commercial motor vehicle crashes, which includes wrecks with semi-trucks and tankers, there were just over 29,000 total crashes in Texas last year. That’s crazy! The amount of property damage and serious damages that are included in those 29,000 wrecks is astronomical. Think about all of the pain and suffering that those accidents faced and are continuing to face as well.

TxDOT provides a breakdown of Texas’ commercial vehicle crashes by county. Dallas County had the second highest number of wrecks out of all of the counties in the state. Of its 2,970 crashes, there were 21 fatalities and 470 serious injuries. Tarrant County fell right behind Dallas County with 1,980 total crashes. Of these, there were 11 fatalities and 296 serious injuries.

When compared to the 2012 numbers, Tarrant and Dallas county’s numbers decreased slightly in 2013. Overall, the number of Texas commercial vehicle wrecks increased by 3,000 accidents in one year. With these numbers increasing by a fairly large number, I can’t help but wonder how the federal government is continuing to pass more lax regulations for trucking companies. We need stricter laws to not only keep Texas drivers safe, but also drivers across the nation.