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The Texas Department of Transportation has just released their crash data for all auto accidents in Texas that occurred in 2013.

The good news is that the total number of motor vehicle deaths are down both over last year’s numbers and overall over the past decade.

However, they are still higher than they were from 2009 through 2011, when auto wreck deaths were at their lowest statewide for the previous decade.

TxDOT reports a total of 3,377 traffic fatalities in 2013, down 1.05 percent from 2012.

32.2 percent of all deaths were related to DUI accidents.

In addition, there were a total of 65,539 serious injury collisions in Texas in 2013, causing a total of 89,270 individuals to suffer what were categorized as “serious injuries.”

Overall, 232,041 people suffered injuries of some description.

Another bad sign is that despite the overall estimated economic loss of all motor vehicle crashes being $300 million less than in 2012, 2013’s numbers were still more than $2 billion more than the next-lowest year (2011).

The total economic loss caused by such wrecks in 2013 was $25,700,000,000.

Other highlights of the data include:

  • 1,333 fatalities related to single vehicle wrecks
  • 767 fatalities related to crashes at intersections
  • 523 fatalities resulting from head-on collisions
  • 495 motorcyclists were killed in 2013 accidents
  • 485 pedestrians were killed
  • 48 pedalcyclists were killed

We’ll have some more reports up over the next week regarding more specific aspects of the published data.