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The Incident 

WACO – Police officer Craig Mrosko rescued a woman who was being attacked by a pit bull on her front porch Tuesday evening.

Mrosko heard the victim screaming and went to investigate. That’s when he found the woman trapped against a front window by a large white pit bull. Mrosko used his stun gun to tase the dog, though it had little effect. Mrosko then tried to pull the dog off of the woman, though the dog seemed unfazed by his attempts.

Eventually, after several more attempts to stun the dog, it stopped attacking the woman and ran away. It turns out that the pit bull belonged to the victim’s roommate, and this wasn’t the first time it had attacked the woman.

The pit bull is now in quarantine.

What Are the Victim’s Rights? 

In this case, the pit bull has allegedly attacked the victim before. Because of this, it will be easier for the victim to pursue charges against the dog’s owner, since strict liability can be established. (Strict liability simply means that the pit bull’s owner knew that their animal was vicious but didn’t take the necessary steps to prevent it from attacking anyone again).

When the victim makes a claim, she’ll make it against the owner of the dog (or, more specifically, the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance). Even though they’re roommates, this isn’t wrong or mean-spirited. This is the reason people have homeowner’s insurance.

Hopefully, necessary steps will be taken to ensure this aggressive dog doesn’t hurt anyone else in the future.