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A Tragic Ward County Accident on Highway 18

WARD COUNTY – Late Saturday afternoon a two car accident took the lives of three people.

Rebecca Dugas, 37, was headed northbound on Highway 18 when she approached a curve in the road. Dugas failed to make the turn, causing her car to exit the road. In an attempt to correct her vehicle, Dugas overcorrected and sent her car into a sideways skid.

Jennifer Limon, 24, was headed southbound on Highway 18 at the same time. She hit the brakes and veered into a ditch as she tried to avoid Dugas’ out of control car. Dugas collided with Limon anyway.

In the car with Dugas was Bradley Eric Evans, 41, who died as a result of the wreck.

Jennifer Limon and her daughter who was in the car with her, Janiyah, 3, also died as a result of the crash. She is survived by her husband Joseph and their son Jett, 9 months, who is currently in critical condition as a result of the accident.

Grounds for a Wrongful Death Case

Listening to the news in times like these is very difficult. I think it makes us all wonder, why did Rebecca Dugas fail to make that turn? And what’s going to become of Jennifer Limon’s husband and her surviving son?

If Dugas is found to be negligent (meaning she made a mistake that caused her accident), Joseph Limon would have grounds to file a wrongful death case against her.

Money won’t bring a loved one back, nor will it ease the hurt of their passing. However, I broach this topic for one, simple reason: it matters.

When we lose loved ones in tragic and unexpected accidents, we’re losing more than just flesh and bone. We’re losing breadwinners, child care takers, companions and people who influence our happiness and quality of life. There are both tangible and intangible loses when loved ones die, and neither should be discounted.

What a Wrongful Death Case Entails

A wrongful death case allows family members to recover money to help offset things like funeral costs, medical bills that were incurred before the death, future earning potential of the loved one, and the pain and suffering caused by their death.