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ELLIS COUNTY – Early this morning a house located in the Saddlebrook Estates neighborhood off Arabian Road exploded.

According to the city of Waxahachie, at least three people were hurt in the explosion. Two victims were transported by helicopter to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, while a third victim was treated at the scene.

Accidents like this should never happen, and when they do it’s tragic to see. Our thoughts are with the family during the undoubtedly rough and stressful days ahead.

I hope that the investigation that follows this explosion is quick and efficient. The family will need to start with an origin and cause expert to figure out what caused the explosion. Early reports on this case mention natural gas, which is sad but not entirely unexpected; gas companies can sometimes be found responsible for leaks that lead to home explosions. In fact, we represented a young girl who was the victim of a natural gas explosion just this year – gas leaked from a broken pipe in her neighborhood, through the soil and into her home. When she flipped on a light switch, her house exploded.

These stories also remind us how important it is to install natural gas protectors in our homes – natural gas is odorless until gas companies add that “rotten egg” smell to make it more easily detectable, but even that method isn’t perfect. Natural gas can still leak into the home undetected, as was the case with our client.

We’ll be keeping tabs on this story and wish the families involved a swift recovery.