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If you are handling a personal injury claim on your own without the help of a Fort Worth accident attorney, you might be wondering whether the offer the adjuster is giving you really the best you can hope for. It can be tough to know on your own whether or not an insurance offer is truly fair. At the Anderson Injury Lawyers, our personal injury attorneys in Fort Worth know what kinds of offers are acceptable and what aren’t.  So how do you know if the insurance adjuster is telling you the truth when they say they have reached the limit and offered you as much as you can hope for?

In the experience of our car accident attorneys, you can’t always trust that what the insurance adjuster is quoting as their final offer is really the truth. Our lawyers are sometimes able to call their bluff and maximize the settlement offer. But even if the adjuster really is giving you their top offer, there are still benefits to working with an injury attorney.

For example, at the Anderson Injury Lawyers, our attorneys have resources that are not available to claimants working without a lawyer. For example, working with a lawyer gives your leverage when dealing with the insurance company. Your claim will be taken seriously by the insurance company when you have an attorney on your side.  Also, our lawyers can get reductions on bills from your medical providers so that you can take home more in compensation. That’s something you can’t negotiate on your own without hiring a Fort Worth injury lawyer. Our attorneys also know how to stack different insurance policies so that you can maximize your compensation. The best part of this? Hiring a lawyer costs you nothing up front.

If you are considering accepting an offer from the insurance company for your injury claim, contact the Anderson Injury Lawyers before you make any final decisions. During a free case review with one of our injury attorneys, we’ll give you our honest legal opinion and let you know if the offer is fair, if hiring a lawyer makes sense for your claim.