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A commercial vehicle is a vehicle used for business purposes. It can be large or small, have just the driver in it, or it may be filled with passengers. Insurance is a critical part of personal injury claims. Without insurance, a claim against a person or company may be a waste of time. There may be no assets to pay for a settlement or jury verdict. Usually, those that own and operate commercial vehicles carry more insurance than individuals, so getting all the compensation you need for your injuries may be easier.

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Better Insurance May Mean More Compensation for Your Injuries

A commercial vehicle could be a sedan, minivan, or van used by a business. A commercial truck is one used for business purposes. It can be an 18-wheeler owned by a national trucking company or a pickup owned by a contractor.

A commercial vehicle should be insured by a commercial policy, which has higher coverage limits than you normally see in a passenger or a non-work vehicle. These higher limits allow for higher compensation for more severe injuries. Most of us owning passenger vehicles don’t pay for better coverage through automobile or umbrella policies. If an accident causes a permanent, severe disability, the accident victim may not get all the compensation they need.

Commercial Truck Accidents Can Cause Greater Harm and Create More Legal Complexity

A larger commercial vehicle may be more likely to be involved in an accident given the situation, and if it causes injuries, they may be more serious. There can also be complex legal issues if multiple parties are responsible for the commercial truck.

A fully loaded tractor-trailer could weigh 80,000 pounds. That’s about the equivalent of 20 average size cars. The sheer mass of a commercial truck striking a passenger vehicle at anything more than minimal speed can severely damage if not wreck the vehicle. This force could also seriously injure or kill anyone inside, especially if its small, seatbelts aren’t used, and those inside are elderly or in poor health.

Due to the size and weight of a commercial truck, it may take a much longer time and a far greater distance to stop compared to a passenger vehicle. An 18-wheeler may need a distance of more than two football fields’ long to come to a stop. This bad situation is worse if the roadway is wet, snow or ice-covered. High speed, poorly maintained brakes, and worn tires also make it harder for commercial trucks to stop.

When a commercial truck hauls goods, many parties could be responsible for an accident. The driver may be an independent contractor or employed by the trucking company. It may service and repair the truck or pay someone else to do it. The shipper who loaded the truck could do so negligently. If the cargo shifts, the driver may lose control, and strike another vehicle. If the cargo’s not well secured, it could fall off the trailer, and hit another vehicle.

There could be more than one party causing an accident, each might be sued, each with its own insurer and attorneys. This means a settlement or jury verdict may be larger because more parties would pay, but it also makes these cases more complicated and time-consuming.

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