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Whether you were involved in a car accident, slip and fall, or other accident, it is common to experience the long-term effects of a back injury. It is important to take the necessary steps immediately after your accident and in the days following to care for your injured back properly.

What Should I Do After a Back Injury Accident?

Immediately after a back injury, do the following:

Don’t Move

If your spine is injured, you could make your injuries worse by moving without proper support. Paramedics have back braces and the knowledge to move you safely.

Call 911

Call an ambulance and emergency medical services to take you to the hospital. Calling EMS also alerts the police, who will make a report about what happened. You will need emergency medical records to establish the severity of your injuries. The police report will help prove fault to obtain compensation from the person who caused your injuries.

What Should I Do In the Days Following My Back Injury?

Back injuries involve one of the essential parts of your body – the spine. Your spine protects nerves that control your entire body, so getting proper care is critical for recovery.

Follow Your Doctor’s Recommendations

When you go to the doctor or hospital, they will recommend a course of treatment. They will also tell you when to follow up with your primary care physician and specialists. You should always follow these orders.

If you don’t, the insurance company might say you aren’t “mitigating” your damages. Your payout could be denied or reduced. Mitigating indicates that you are doing everything possible to reduce excess costs and damage.

Go to Physical Therapy

Your doctors may recommend physical therapy. It often takes place multiple times a week for several weeks. However, you may be unsure if it’s needed. If your doctors prescribed PT, you should go to your appointments. It will help with the healing process and ensure you can perform daily living activities quicker.

Keep a Journal About Your Injuries

Your doctors, the insurance companies, and your lawyer will want to know as much as possible about your injuries. By keeping a journal, you can record how your injuries affect every aspect of your life and information about pain, medication, doctors you’ve seen, and more.

You can use the Post-Accident Pain Journal by Enjuris as a reference. You can print the sample pain journal or create your own in a notebook.

Call an Accident Lawyer If You Were Injured

Back and spine injuries can have life-altering consequences. You will likely have significant medical bills, and you may be unable to work. Anderson Injury Lawyers can help you get the compensation you need to cover damages after an accident.

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