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You’ve been in a car accident and now the other driver isn’t being honest about what happened. I’m sorry to hear it. There’s nothing like dishonesty to make a bad situation even worse.

If the other driver is telling a different story, there are a few steps you can take to ensure the truth gets out.

Why Is the Other Driver Lying?

After a car accident, there’s one big question that must be answered – who caused it? Whoever is “at-fault” will be responsible for paying for the damages and injuries that occurred as a result (as will their insurance company).

How do we know who’s at-fault? Lots of ways. Sometimes, the at-fault driver simply admits they caused the wreck, apologizes, and everyone moves forward from there.

Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. More commonly, the drivers dispute who caused the wreck (“He pulled out in front of me!” “Yeah, but she was texting!”). Or worse, someone downright lies about what happened. If a driver is lying about the facts of the accident, they likely know they caused it and they want to avoid the repercussions (a hike on their insurance, for instance).

How to Prove What Really Happened

Luckily, insurance adjusters don’t rely on stories alone. If you were hit by another driver, you’ll need to prove it (and vice versa). You can hire a lawyer to do this for you, or you can handle it yourself. You can read more about how to prove fault in my article, What Evidence Do You Need to Prove Fault?

In short, you’ll need to gather evidence (like pictures, witness testimonies, etc.). The more evidence you have to support your side of the story, the better off you are.

Also, don’t forget to be very detailed in your police report. After an accident, you should call 911 and a police officer will come to the scene. They’ll ask each driver for their version of the story and write a report using the information you’ve given them. Often, they’ll also assign fault to one driver or the other based on what they’ve seen. Be as detailed as possible in your report – it will help support your side of the story.

Do You Need a Car Wreck Lawyer?

Not everyone needs a lawyer after an accident. However, if you’ve got serious injuries and the other driver is lying about what happened, you should consult a personal injury attorney. The first consultation should be free.