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The Accident

Texan Adrian Gonzalez, 23, was killed Saturday in a pedestrian-auto accident in Salt Lake City.

Gonzalez, who’s from Brownsville, Texas, was struck by a car while sitting or perhaps lying in the street. He was wearing all black clothing. The driver called the police.

No one is yet sure why Gonzalez was in the road.

Despite the criticisms around this incident, there’s no doubt that Gonzalez’s death was untimely and this accident tragic.

Where Is an Out-of-State Wrongful Death Case Tried?

This is a question I often get at my firm – if a family member is hurt or killed away from home, where will the case be tried? Would a family have to travel to the state of the accident, or can they file a claim from their home state?

The law is that the case must be tried in the state where the accident happened.

In the case of Gonzalez, if his family chose to file a wrongful death claim and the case went to trial, they would have to travel to Salt Lake City.