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While a single car crash can be overwhelming, a multi-car accident can be an incredibly frightening experience. In many cases, multi-car accidents start chain reactions that lead to life threatening injuries for multiple people. In addition, it can be a lot more difficult to determine who is at fault in a multi-car accident.

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How to Determine Liability in Multi-Car Accidents

It can be quite challenging to figure out who is at fault in a car accident that involved multiple vehicles. It can be the driver in the front, middle, or rear of the chain reaction or an outside party that was not involved in a chain reaction. Here are some scenarios that typically arise in multi-car accidents:

  • Front driver starts the chain reaction: If a driver in the front brakes abruptly or comes to an immediate stop for any reason, the car that’s right behind may strike them. Then, a third driver can collide with the second driver, and the chain reaction will continue.
  • Middle driver starts the chain reaction: In some cases, a middle car can start the chain reaction by braking abruptly. This can cause a chain reaction both behind and in front of the middle car which could result in serious injuries for many drivers.
  • Rear driver starts the chain reaction: If a car in the rear of a chain of cars gets struck, they’ll collide into the car in front of them until the first car in the line gets struck in the rear.

While every case has its own unique set of circumstances, the rear driver is usually at fault because they have a complete view of the scene and the last chance of avoiding the crash. The front and middle driver aren’t typically liable unless they engaged in a dangerous driving behavior like suddenly slamming on their brakes.

Why Consult a Car Accident Lawyer

Since establishing liability in multi-car accidents is difficult, it’s important to work with a car accident lawyer that can collect the appropriate evidence and uncover who is at fault. A lawyer may use the following evidence:

  • Evidence from the scene: This may involve skid marks, vehicle debris, and vehicle damage.
  • Expert testimony: A lawyer may consult an accident reconstruction expert who can recreate the scene and explain what may have happened from an engineering perspective.
  • Witness testimony: If anyone saw your multi-car crash occur, a lawyer may reach out to them to get their stance on the accident.
  • Video: Fortunately, many vehicles today are equipped with dash cams that be very useful in determining fault in a multi-car accident.
  • Police report: A police report will include the details of the crash and a police officer’s thoughts on what may have happened.

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