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Sustaining an injury in a car accident can be an overwhelming experience, especially when the crash was the result of another party’s negligence. Fortunately, you may be able to recover compensation by filing a lawsuit against the liable party’s insurance company and proving that they are at fault.

So, how exactly can you prove that their actions led to the accident and they are responsible for it? One way to do so is witness testimony. Car crash witness statements can serve as a powerful tool in proving liability and ensuring that you recover the fair and full compensation you deserve.

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What is a Witness Statement?

Before we dive into why witness statements are important after a car crash, let’s define what a witness statement is. A witness statement is a written or recorded summary provided by an individual who saw your car accident happen. They have first-hand knowledge on the crash and do not depend on someone else’s recollection of what occurred. A witness statement should capture the following essential information:

  • Mainly, what did they see
  • Where they were when the crash took place
  • Where they were going and coming from
  • Whether they could clearly see the accident scene

Types of Witnesses

Anyone who saw your accident can be a witness. A witness may be a pedestrian who was walking on the sidewalk. Or a driver of another vehicle that was at a stop light and saw everything happen. They may even be a construction worker who was working at the time of the accident, someone in a nearby building, or an emergency responder.

How a Witness Statement Can Help Your Case

Ideally, every accident would be clearly recorded on camera so there is never a question about what happened or who is at fault. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and a witness statement is often necessary to support your car accident case.

A witness statement takes an objective perspective to your car accident. The witness may be able to reveal details that you didn’t even realize happened or completely forgot about because you were in shock immediately after the crash occurred.

If the at-fault driver’s insurance company questions your statements and believes that your version of the story is inaccurate, a witness statement can resolve this conflict. They weren’t injured by the crash so the insurer will more likely assume that their statements are accurate and unbiased.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a witness statement is that it can establish fault. A witness may have seen the liable driver texting and driving, speeding, abruptly changing lanes, or running a red light at the time of the accident.

In addition, a witness statement can allow you to settle your case without going to trial. It may uncover facts that undermine the liable party’s chances of succeeding at trial and persuade them to settle rather than going to court.

In the event your case does go to trial, the jury will likely consider your witness statement objective and unbiased and therefore increase your chances of achieving a favorable verdict.

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