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For anyone that is not aware what Tesla is, it is an American car building and futuristic technology company. As words as that may be, that’s the basic definition. In reality, Tesla is a company founded by Elon Musk that has done what many car manufacturers have not: revolutionize the vehicle.

Tesla does this by using completely electronic parts, interface, and – you guessed it – an electric motor. Seen as one of the most important concepts-turned-reality in the twenty-first century, many drivers are eager to purchase a Tesla due to several benefits, such as using electricity instead of gasoline to power their vehicles, thus saving considerable amounts of money and preventing further carbon emissions. With all of this sounding like a no-brainer for drivers, drivers have been shocked when they find out that Teslas aren’t sold in Texas. Why? Let’s find out.

Texas Regulations: Are they Aimed Against the Car Brand or Buyer?

Texas, like a handful of other states, has a set of laws that restrict car buyers from purchasing vehicles from the manufacturer directly. For example, in Texas, if you want to buy the vehicle “Wheely”, you have to purchase it from the car dealership “Car-Land” (these are made-up names for purposes of this conversation). The reason behind this is for the car seller (not the car brand) not to be left out. Silly, isn’t it?

However, groups such as the National Auto Dealers Association argue that this system is needed to protect car buyers and competition. This train of thought has started to change with some. For example, a Texas lawmaker introduced a piece of legislation last year eliminating the ban, arguing that it does not alight with the idea of a free-market. Additionally, popularity with the car brand has increased significantly and the push may soon see its results. In the meantime, those who wish to purchase a Tesla have to order one online. Even though there are showrooms in Texas (such as in Southlake), buying the vehicle straight out of a dealership is not an option – yet.

Will This Change in the Future?

As hinted above, as technology keeps advancing and new innovations surface, restrictions such as the one mentioned here should be eliminated. In fact, as technology companies work with lawmakers and the public on these kinds of issues, the process of implementing a new technology should be a smoother process. Whether it is Tesla or another car brand that does not operate on gasoline, the future should be one filled with eco-friendly car brands that don’t harm the environment. As has been the case with emerging technology decades before – and as more people get acquainted with these new forms of technology – there is nothing to worry about. You may even be able to buy your Tesla in a very short time.

What do you think about car buyers not being able to directly purchase a Tesla in Texas? What suggestions would you have for the lawmakers or car company? Comment below and remember, driver safely.