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As a Fort Worth car accident attorney, I deal with claims against Allstate Insurance Company on a regular basis. The first thing you should know is this: all insurance companies run their business to be profitable. No insurance company gives money away freely.

Allstate is no exception. Unfortunately, they don’t care whether you’re one of their customers or not. To the insurance adjusters, a claim is a claim, and in order to stay profitable, they need to pay out as little money per claim as possible.

I admit, I’ve had my fair share of frustration with Allstate. We recently handled a case where a person (insured with Allstate) was hit by a driver who didn’t have any insurance at all. (That’s illegal!).

Since my client had been paying his premiums for years, he logically made a claim against his own underinsured motorist policy. After all, that’s why he bought that kind of coverage in the first place – so that his insurance company would look after him when he needed them the most.

Unfortunately, Allstate didn’t see things this way.

My client was rushed away from the scene of the accident in an ambulance and was taken directly to the hospital. Later, Allstate claimed that our client’s ambulance bill was too high. “A reasonable bill would be closer to $1,000,” the adjuster said. “Your client’s bill is $1,600.” For this reason, the adjuster didn’t want to pay it.

This argument was ridiculous. What was my client supposed to do? Negotiate the bill while he was on the stretcher? Unfortunately, this kind of scenario is common. Insurance adjusters always have issues with medical treatment. They say it costs too much, or wasn’t necessary, or whatever. Then they try to weasel out of paying their own client’s bills on these ridiculous arguments. It’s insane.

If you have a claim with Allstate, get ready for denial or an insulting offer. Then get ready to litigate the matter. Hiring an experienced lawyer to fight the insurance company on your behalf is about the best decision you can make.