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You will likely have severe injuries after an accident. You will need to describe those injuries to your attorney, other parties, and insurance companies. One of the worst things you can do is exaggerate those injuries.

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What Happens if I Exaggerate My Injuries?

It can be tempting to exaggerate how badly you are hurt. When you’re facing significant medical bills and other expenses, you might think you can get more money if you say you’re hurt worse than you are. We know that you’re just scared; however, the consequences can be devastating.

If you exaggerate your injuries, your doctors will likely know. They see people who are seriously injured every day. They understand how the body moves when injured, and they know typical limitations for various injuries. If you lie to your doctor, they will note your dishonesty in your medical records, which the insurance company may view.

If the insurance company finds out that you have lied about your injuries, they may offer you less money. They may even deny your claim entirely. One small fib can ruin your entire case and make them question everything you say.

If your case goes to trial and the court finds out that you have exaggerated your injuries, the judge and jury will not look at you in a positive light. Your dishonesty in one area of your case may even call into question the cause of the accident.

What if the Insurance Company Accuses Me of Exaggerating My Injuries?

The insurance company will likely minimize your injuries; they will question everything. They may even accuse you of lying about your injuries’ seriousness and how it has impacted your life. It’s essential to take steps to properly document your injuries and how your life has changed as a result.

You can prove your injuries by seeing a doctor immediately after your accident, as well as getting ongoing care. Your medical team will keep records of all of your diagnoses and chart your conditions. You should also keep track of the x-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, and other tests that you have. These records are undeniable proof of your injuries.

Insurance companies often try to avoid paying much for pain and suffering. It can be hard to prove. However, you can keep track of your physical pain and mental anguish in a journal. Enjuris has published a downloadable Post-Accident Pain Journal where you can document symptoms, severity, how your life is impacted and other details. If you regularly record how your injuries affect you, the insurance company will have a hard time denying that you have been seriously hurt.

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