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In the experience of the Fort Worth personal injury lawyers at the Anderson Injury Lawyers, our clients generally do recover more money for their injuries by retaining us rather than trying to settle the claim on their own. In fact, studies show that you get about three times more money NET to you even after you pay for an injury lawyer.

Why is that?  Because a good personal injury trial lawyer will have the knowledge and experience of the insurance industry to make sure you get the maximum amount from them for your injuries.
Here’s why:

  • A true trial lawyer will know the value of your case based upon experience and research
    • The lawyers at the Anderson Injury Lawyers have practiced personal injury law for several decades and know the difference between a good and bad offer. We know that until you are fully treated and healthy again, there is no way to know the true value of your case. Time and time again we see that the initial offer our clients receive from the insurance company before hiring us is nowhere near the amount they should be compensated for their injuries. Our attorneys know what a reasonable offer is and won’t settle for anything less.
  • An accident attorney will give your Fort Worth personal injury claim leverage
    • One of the only things that keeps the insurance company honest is litigation or the threat of litigation.  Hiring an accident lawyer will give your claim leverage because your lawyer can negotiate the price of medical bills and play hard ball with the insurance company.
  • A good injury lawyer knows that there may be other sources of insurance coverage
    • At the Anderson Injury Lawyers, our attorneys only practice personal injury law and are exceptionally good at tracking down the right insurance policies. In most personal injury cases, a variety of insurance policies come into play and a good injury lawyer can tell you how to maximize the amount you receive by strategically going after the different insurance policies.

At the Anderson Injury Lawyers, our experience is that most clients who call us with an existing offer extended by an insurance company will be better off hiring us. Our attorneys only take cases where we think we can better the NET money to the client.

Although we do see claims where the offer is fair or we don’t think we can better it by enough to justify hiring and paying for our services. In those cases, we tell the injured person that they are better off handling it on their own. Also, we generally find that when the total medical bills are less than $5,000, then odds are that you can handle the case on your own and do just fine. But if you have truly serious injuries or your medical bills are over $5,000, then the general rule is that you can benefit from having a lawyer fighting for you.