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The wintry mix that fell in the Fort Worth on Thursday and may continue to fall later today has been both unexpected and dangerous. As many drove to work early Thursday morning they were bombarded with traffic and icy road conditions. The flurries of snow were deceptive in allowing people to see just how slick the roads were, and this caused many accidents.

Fort Worth got its fair share of bumper-to- bumper accidents, while Dallas was faced with more dangerous collisions on various highways. Being a personal injury lawyer, I see people get seriously injured from all kinds of accidents, and I don’t want to see anyone injured on the icy roads because they were driving too fast.

I witnessed countless cars going the normal speed limit or above without any concern for the road, especially at overpasses.  This is negligent in its own right when it comes to wintry precipitation on the roads.

Please drive safely and take into account the safety of others when it comes to the speed limit. I would advise leaving your house earlier than usual to get a head start on the traffic and to allow sufficient time for safe driving.  Black ice patches have been reported and are said to be causing many of the accidents out on the road today, so be on the lookout for anything that looks unusual on the roads.

As a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer, I would advise drivers in North Texas to stay off the roads if possible until they are completely ice free. Sometimes, preventative measures have to be taken against being in a weather-related car wreck by not unnecessarily getting on the roads.