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A woman in Grand Prairie was killed early Sunday morning while she was changing her tire. The accident, occurring on Interstate 30 near Belt Line Road, occurred after another vehicle drifted into the shoulder, impacted the woman’s vehicle, and fled the scene. According to the police, the woman was waiting for her friend behind her vehicle to help her change the tire when the accident occurred.

Grand Prairie officials urge anyone with information about the accident to contact the Grand Prairie Police Department.

What Are Safe Ways to Change a Tire?

Although this is something that is very sad and unwanted, it is not the first occurrence of a driver being killed when changing their tire or helping another driver in need. Even though the fault of this accident was entirely and unequivocally on the driver the fled the scene, there are several ways that drivers can stay safe when pulling over at the side of the road. Some of these ways include:

  • Staying clear of traffic: Sometimes when drivers pull to the side of the road, they do so with a portion of their vehicles that stay in the traffic lane. For example, a driver that has half of the vehicle on the shoulder and the other half on the highway lane can pose a risk for impact. Making sure that the vehicle is well out of the way of traffic is an important key in maintaining safety, both for you and others.
  • Choosing a road shoulder with sufficient space: Similarly, not all lanes in a highway or road have the same amount of space. Choosing a shoulder with the widest space can be helpful in walking to and from a rear tire that needs to be changed, for example, with reduced risk.
  • Using warning gear: Drivers can buy warning gear, such as safety triangles or emergency lights from a store or online and place them around the vehicle to alert other vehicles that a car is stopped.
  • Calling for help: When drivers do not know how to address the current situation, such as how to change a tire, calling for help is a safe option. This reduces the risk for accidentally harming oneself and allows for someone who knows how to do the task safely to do so without placing you in danger. It is important for drivers to stay in their vehicles when waiting for help.
  • Calling the police: Need help? Call the police. An officer can place their police vehicle behind your car with the lights on, and they can even help you if you do not know how to do a certain task.

In other words, there are several ways that people can stay safe and can prevent or reduce the chances that an accident will take place. If you are not sure how to perform an emergency task, do not relent in calling for help.

What Other Ways Can Drivers Stay Safe During Emergencies?

There are many other ways that a driver can stay safe during an emergency. What are some ways that were not listed above that can help a driver stay safe while they change their tire?

Let us know in the comments below and please remember, drive safely.