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Car accidents can be leave very serious injuries, even death. Such was the case of two people in separate vehicles who died as a result of a car accident. As this article will show, it is very important for drivers to keep their entire attention where it belongs: on the road. At the end of this section, we will evaluate some driving conditions that may increase the possibility of an accident to occur at night on a weekend.

The Facts

Two people – a 58 year-old woman from Bedford, Texas and another individual (whose identity has not been released as it is pending the victim’s family being notified of the tragedy) – were killed on Sunday at 1:00 a.m. on Highway 114. According to a witness’s testimony, the accident occurred after one of the vehicles was travelling in the oncoming traffic lane and impacted another vehicle. The impact created a fire, which was extinguished.

As mentioned earlier, the two people involved in the wreck were not from the same vehicle. It is still not clear if the deceased were two drivers or a driver and a passenger. The surviving individual was rushed to a nearby hospital in Grapevine, but it is still not clear as to what the conditions were of that individual. Due to the magnitude of the crash (which occurred close to Kimball Avenue), the highway was forced closed for several hours until local authorities completed their investigation.

Possible Causes

Although the cause of the accident has not been disclosed, there are four factors that can possible indicate why the crash occurred. Because the crash occurred during the weekend and very late at night, the possible factors can be:

Driving Drowsy

It is no secret that driving very late at night and feeling tired can affect the driving conditions of an individual. It is possible that the individual who got into the oncoming traffic lane was driving for a very long time or was falling asleep.


It is not rare for intoxicated individuals to make the terrible and dreadful decision of driving. Drunk driving is something that can lead to very serious consequences, not only to the drivers themselves but to other people. Driving while intoxicated could be a possible cause of the accident in combination to driving late at night.

Driving Distracted

Driving distracted can be equally dangerous. From looking down to pick up something from the floor of the vehicle to sending text messages, driving while being distracted can be a very dangerous thing. This could be a reason that the driver slipped into the oncoming traffic lane.

Is Driving Late Worth It?

Although it may appear as an odd question, there have been many accidents that have occurred between midnight and 6:00 a.m. Furthermore, the possibilities of a driver being intoxicated at night increases dramatically during the weekend. As a good safety suggestion, it is advised for drivers to do their driving (especially on a Saturday) during the early hours of the night, preferably until 11:00 p.m. at the latest. This could prevent an accident from a drunk driver from occurring. Also, it is important to maintain all attention on the road and not on any other thing or object to avoid creating an accident. Remember: driving is a responsibility for all.