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According to police, an accident occurred in Dallas early Tuesday evening that included two fatalities. The accident occurred after a 37 year-old woman, Sha’Myia Walton, drove her vehicle onto oncoming traffic. Walton came into contact with another vehicle – a pickup truck – and collided. Thois Hutchinson and his wife were in the impacted pickup truck, where bystanders removed them from the truck as it caught fire. Hutchinson was later pronounced dead after taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital. Hutchinson’s wife survived the accident and is in stable conditions.

In regards to Walton, there was a passenger in the same vehicle with her at the time of the accident who survived the accident. Walton, however, was pronounced dead after upon her arrival at Parkland Memorial Hospital. Upon further investigation of the accident, officials state that Walton was driving on the wrong side of the road deliberately. It is not clear as to why she was driving on the wrong side of the road, as well as whether or not there were other factors involved surrounding the accident.

What Should I Do If There’s a Car Coming My Way?

Being caught on the road when there is a vehicle coming right towards you can be a dangerous situation. This is especially true when it is night time where there is reduced visibility, or when the other vehicle is going at high speeds. The time between not knowing what to do and performing an evasive maneuver is essential in saving the lives of the passengers in your vehicle, and your live as well. For this reason, what’s the best way to deal with a vehicle that is coming your way? Should you challenge them to see who will turn first (obviously not). Giving the other reckless driver the space they need is important to avoid any collision of any sort. While the other driver might want to get themselves injured, you and the passengers in your vehicle don’t, so it is important for you to take the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of all.

As mentioned earlier, the time gap between confusion and knowing what to do must be very, very small. This means acting in an alert and active manner is essential to your survival. If the car is coming straight to you, you can attempt to simply move out of harm’s way by going to the side of the road. This allows the vehicle to miss impacting your vehicle. Also, calling the police after you get out of harm’s way is essential for the safety of other cars on the road. Although you have escaped harm’s way, it does not mean that the danger is over for other drivers. From the Anderson Injury Lawyers, we urge all drivers to make responsible driving decisions, such as not speeding, not texting and driving, and not making the irresponsible decision to drive under the influence of alcohol. Driving is a responsibility for everyone on the road, so please remember to drive safety for the well-being of you and others.