How to Find the Best Fort Worth Personal Injury Lawyer For You

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The unexpected happens on DFW roads every day. Drunk motorists, wrong-way drivers, tired truckers, each a wreck waiting to happen. If you're hurt in an accident because of another driver's negligence, you deserve compensation. To get it, you need to hire a Fort Worth lawyer who can win you the settlement you deserve. 


What to Look For in a Lawyer

Here are some helpful hints to find the best injury lawyer for you:

  • Do your research. Look online for informative websites that tell you about the attorney, their firm, their background and their experience. 
  • Look for credentials. You want an attorney who's been recognized by their peers. You can look for Martindale Hubbell ratings or Super Lawyer votes, for instance. 
  • Look for Board Certification. This means the lawyer has passed the board certification test, has tried many cases in courts, and has been vetted by judges and other lawyers. Only two percent of all the lawyers in Texas are Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law.


Meet the Lawyer and Ask Questions

The only way to really know if the lawyer is the best one for you is to sit down and ask questions. Here are some good ones:

  • Have you handled cases like mine? What were the results?
  • Who will actually handle my case?
  • What kind of expenses should I expect?
  • What is my case worth? (This is a trick question; a lawyer shouldn't be able to give you a value until they study all aspects of the case and do an extensive analysis. Beware of false promises when choosing an attorney!)


Look at What Previous Clients Have to Say

Check out reviews. Some lawyers have good reviews, some don't. Finding out the good and bad from past clients is the best way to learn what to expect. Don't just look at the testimonials on the lawyer’s own site – be sure to hunt down reviews on other sites, too. Some good sites for independent reviews and testimonials include Google Places, Yahoo and Avvo.


Make Sure You’re Happy With Your Choice

You should feel comfortable with the lawyer you've chosen because you have, in many ways, put your future in their hands. If you're not completely satisfied, keep looking. There are plenty of lawyers available throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, meaning there's no reason you can't be 100 percent satisfied. 

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