Blunt Force Trauma Suffered in Dallas-Fort Worth Accidents


blunt force trauma in an accident

If you're ever in a car accident, there's a good chance you'll suffer some degree of blunt force trauma. As a Texas car accident lawyer, I see clients year after year who've been in a car, truck or motorcycle accident and experienced this type of injury - it's heavily association with auto collisions. 

Just as it sounds, blunt force trauma is serious injury that's caused when a blunt object contacts the body. In car accident cases, we see blunt force trauma when occupants are catapulted forward or sideways against the dashboard, steering wheel or sides of the car. The trauma is much more severe when passengers aren't wearing seatbelts. 

People who have suffered blunt force trauma in auto collisions typically suffer blunt abdominal trauma (BAT). Blunt abdominal trauma is commonly associated with damage to the liver and spleen, often necessitating significant medical treatment. 

In accidents involving motorcycle riders or cyclists, blunt force trauma occurs when the rider hits the ground or slams into another vehicle during a collision. 

In all instances of blunt force trauma, progressive damage to internal organs is a concern. Medical issues commonly associated with blunt force trauma include cardiac arrest, internal bruising, hemorrhaging, concussions, abrasions, lacerations and broken or fractured bones. Blunt force trauma can affect all areas of the body.

If you or someone you loved has suffered blunt force trauma injuries as a result of a Dallas-Fort Worth car wreck, it is important that you understand your legal rights in the state of Texas. Tarrant county personal injury and wrongful death lawyer Mark Anderson has been helping accident injury victims across the metroplex since 1991 and offers free consultations to injury victims and their family members.

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