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Traffic collisions occur every day in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Sometimes they are just fender benders, but frequently there are more serious multi-vehicle wrecks which cause significant property damage as well as serious personal injuries. If you have suffered a broken bone or fracture as a result of a car crash, slip, trip, fall or any other kind of accident which was the result of someone's negligence, it is highly recommended that you contact a board certified personal injury lawyer who can help you pursue a claim for the maximum available compensation to cover your medical treatment and other costs.

Types of Broken Bones

Fractures and broken bone injuries can occur throughout the body and there are varying kinds of broken bone injuries which can occur. Compound fractures (also referred to as open fractures) occur when a person is involved in a high speed car or truck wreck, whereas complete fractures are far more common in pedestrian or bicyclist accidents as the unprotected human body has no protection against the blunt force of a moving vehicle. Other types of broken bone injuries include oblique, transverse, impacted, comminuted, stress and hairline fractures. Babies who suffer birth trauma such as being pulled through the birth canal too hard often suffer from clavicle fractures.

Broken vertebrae in the spine can cause long term damage to injury victims and is very common in auto accidents. Typical areas of the body affected by fractures vary depending on the patient's age the area. Children might suffer a broken bone playing football or falling from a tree, for example, but a child's young body will usually heal much quicker and effectively than senior citizen who falls in a nursing home as their bones and joints are more brittle. Older people are typically susceptible to pelvic fractures, and broken hips, wrist, finger or arm. Other frequent fractures include broken toes, ankles, hand, rib and skull fractures. Humerus, ulna and radius fractures all refer to broken bones in the arm. Femur and tibia fractures are broken leg bones.

Medical Complications and the Long-Term Effects of Broken Bones

As an experienced personal injury attorney, I know that you should never settle a broken bone claim for compensation until you are fully aware of the long term implications of your injuries. In Texas, you have the legal right to seek compensation for all past and future medical treatment related to your accident injuries. If you settle too soon you risk losing out on the full extent of damages which you and your family need and are entitled to.

Every case - and every patient - is different. Some injury victims are required to undergo open reduction internal fixation surgery (ORIF). This is a surgical procedure where a doctor repairs a fractured bone with screws and plates or an intramedullary rod. Some injuries require the hardware to remain fixed in place permanently, whereas other patients only require it to be affixed on a temporary basis. Almost all fracture injuries require orthopedic surgery of some kind and most patients will also need extensive physical therapy following their accident, and you are able to seek compensation from the insurance company to cover those costs too.

In the most extreme broken bone cases, the individual in question might suffer severe long term effects which could include paralysis. Complications which could arise from a broken bone injury include disabling arthritis, blood clots, nerve damage and internal bleeding.

Consulting with a Dallas-Fort Worth Personal Injury Lawyer is Essential

Mark Anderson has been helping accident injury victims suffering from broken bones and fractures across the North Texas region since 1991. He wrote the book
15 Mistakes That Will Wreck Your Texas Accident Case for the express purpose of educating members of their public on their legal rights to seek compensation. If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss your personal situation, please call toll free at 800-354-6275 or contact Mark online.

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