Why You Should Always Collect Accident Witness’ Information

If you have been in a Dallas-Fort Worth auto accident – and assuming you are not taken to hospital by ambulance from the crash scene – it is important that you try to collect as much information and evidence yourself concerning your wreck.


As a Dallas-Fort Worth injury attorney, I know it is impossible to overemphasize just how important this information can be when it comes to not only winning your car accident injury claim – but also recovering the most amount of money possible as compensation.


Even if a local police officer attends your collision and files a report (which they don’t always do), it is certainly worth you recording as much information as possible yourself. Do not assume that simply because the police officer is aware of something or makes a note of it in their notebook, it does not necessarily mean that it will find its way into their official report of record.


Gather as much information as you can yourself. If you have an iPhone, then you have a number of easy options to record this information including making notes, recording voice memos, and taking pictures. Alternatively, you can download and print out a copy of our Glovebox Cheat Sheet which you can keep in your vehicle just in case you ever need it!


Why Witnesses Are Key

If there are any witnesses to your accident, it is extremely important that you do all that you can to make a note of their name and contact information, so that your lawyer can follow up with them later on if necessary.


Modern Texas peace officers’ crash reports do not have a section to record witness names or statements, which means if you don’t get their information yourself, our law firm will not be able to track them down later on.


Witness testimony is often extremely helpful when it comes to winning a personal injury claim for maximum compensation – especially if you end up having to take your case to court. Witnesses can tell the jury exactly what they saw, including who they believe was at fault. Their impartial version of events can be hugely beneficial to your case.


Ideally, you want to collect each witness’ name and phone number at a minimum. Don’t worry about getting a statement from them at this time, because our legal investigators can contact them later on if we believe it is necessary.


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