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Pre-Employment Screening of Truck Drivers

All interstate trucking companies are required to perform a background check on drivers before hiring them. Every new employer must:

  • Verify that they have a commercial driver’s license (CDL)
  • Obtain a record of all moving violations or accidents involving the driver within the previous three years
  • Investigate any gaps in the driver’s employment history
  • Obtain a list of each motor carrier the driver has been employed by for the past ten years
  • Obtain a medical examiner’s certificate to make sure the driver is physically able to operate a large truck
  • Give the trucker a road test to determine their abilities to safety operate an 18-wheeler tractor trailer
  • Ensure the driver is knowledgeable of the proper manner in which to secure cargo

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Within 30 days of hiring a new driver, the trucking company is required to contact each of the driver’s previous employers to verify employment, any list of accidents and violations including alcohol or controlled substances. Although these guidelines are not necessarily correct for all intrastate trucking companies, many local jurisdictions have adopted the Federal interstate trucking guidelines as a matter of course.

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Entry Level Drivers

Truck drivers with a CDL but less than one year of experience in interstate trucking are required to be trained by their employer. Once they successfully complete training, they will receive a certificate. Aspects of this mandatory entry level driver training include:

  • Driver qualifications
  • Hours of service
  • Driver wellness
  • Whistleblower protection

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