Preventing Child Injuries And Household Accidents

Preventing Child InjuriesBecause very young children spend the majority of their time at home, that is where they have the greatest chance of being hurt or suffering a serious injury. While we might not realize it, the average household contains many dangerous items that children can hurt themselves with and any parent knows how small toddlers are particularly busy explorers with little understanding of what is dangerous versus what isn't. The most common injuries suffered by this age group include falls down stairs, electrocution, burns, cuts or amputations, or illness as a result of eating poisonous materials. In the worst accidents, children can die.

As a Fort Worth child injury lawyer, I tend to look at things differently. I have seen all kinds of preventable accidents and I do all I can to get the word out on safety. So how do you make sure your child is kept safe? There are two very important things you can do are to ensure your home is safe for you little explorer:
  • First, baby-proof your home by investing in barriers to block access to stairways or other dangerous areas of your home, fit outlet covers in all wall sockets, and make sure that any items which pose a risk to your child (such as cleaning supplies or wires, for example) are kept well out of reach.
  • Second, you need to make sure that you are watching your child at all times to make sure that they are not doing anything they shouldn't be and help them learn when certain items or activities are dangerous.

The Anderson Law Firm handles child injury and wrongful death cases across Fort Worth and Tarrant County. We want our clients and neighbors - as well as their families - to live as safe a life as possible. Unfortunately, injuries can still happen, so if you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident that was not your fault call us for a free consultation to understand your rights and any compensation you might be entitled to from the insurance company. Our number is 800-354-6275.

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