Injuries From an Escalator Accident

Most of us ride escalators in department stores, shopping malls, airports and hospitals without ever suffering an injury. However, despite the fact that escalator and moving walkway injuries are statistically rare, young children are among the groups most likely to suffer serious injuries such as contusions, fractures, amputations, and even death. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there are approximately 2,167 children injured in an escalator accident each year. If your son or daughter was seriously injured while riding an escalator, please call the Dallas-Fort Worth child injury attorneys at the Anderson Law Firm for a completely free, no obligation consultation.


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Serious Injuries Suffered by Children Hurt in Escalator Accidents

According to the medical journal Pediatrics, children aged five or younger are most likely to suffer a serious injury while riding on an escalator or moving walkway. According to an escalator and elevator industry study, approximately 29 percent of all escalator accidents are fatal. The most common cause of a fatal escalator accident is a fall from the escalator.

Most escalator injuries suffered by a toddler, infant or other small child typically involve injuries to the head, foot, or hands. This is primarily because young children have small hands and feet which could become entrapped in the machinery of the escalator while riding, holding the handrail, walking up the steps, or disembarking at the end of the escalator or mechanical walkway. Shoes and other items of clothing can also get caught on poorly designed or negligently maintained escalators. Some of the most common serious injuries include avulsions, blunt force trauma, head injury, brain damage, crush injuries, lacerations, tendon and nerve damage, functional loss, physical deformity, paralysis, dislocations.

How to Sue After an Escalator Accident

When escalator accidents occur, the question of whether to file a lawsuit is typically not the problem- the question is how to file the lawsuit. In Texas, personal injury victims can be entitled to compensation following a accident where someone else was at-fault (meaning someone else caused the accident). For example, in a car accident, the person that caused the accident would be the at-fault person. They (they're insurance company) would be held responsible to provide the victim with the compensation they deserve. Similarly, the company, store, or corporation where an escalator accident took place would be held responsible for the victim's injuries. For this reason, the lawsuit would be made against the company where the accident took place. The company can respond to the lawsuit, or the company's insurance (who, like in a car accident, represents their client) can also respond to the lawsuit.

Following this is the pre-suit and litigation process. Here, attorneys attempt to settle without necessarily taking the case to court. If that does not work, then the plaintiff's attorney (who represents the injured) and the defendant's attorney (who represents the company) would go to court. This process can be confusing for those who attempt to go against the company directly, which is why hiring a personal injury attorney is very beneficial. The personal injury attorney and their legal team would completely take care of the legal process (including obtaining evidence and records) and would represent their client (the injured victim) in court with the goal of obtaining full compensation from the company and fighting for their client's rights.

Hiring a Dallas-Fort Worth Child Injury Attorney

If your child was injured while riding on an escalator or moving walkway which you believe was the result of someone else’s negligence, you may be able to recover compensation with the aid of a board certified DFW child injury lawyer. Such compensation can be sought to reimburse you for any accident-related medical expenses the parents of the injured child may have incurred, as well as compensate the child themselves for any reduced future earning capacity, and to compensate them for the very real pain and suffering they have endured.

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