Claiming Compensation For Someone in a Coma or Other Unresponsive State

As a Dallas-Fort Worth personal injury lawyer, I know that car, truck and motorcycle wrecks, elevator accidents, vicious dog bite attacks, and various other accidents can result in catastrophic injuries for the victim. In the most serious of cases, they can cause paralysis, traumatic brain injury, or even death.


But what about accident cases where the victim is left in an unresponsive state, such as a coma or if the brain damage they have suffered leaves them in a vegetative state?


Under Texas law, the immediate relatives of a person left in an unresponsive state are allowed to make a claim on their behalf. This is important to understand as in Texas there is a very strict statute of limitations deadline by which all personal injury or wrongful death claims must either be settle or a lawsuit filed. Usually, this is two years from the day of the accident. Therefore, if someone you love has been severely injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you should not delay in consulting with a board certified Dallas-Fort Worth personal injury lawyer.


What is Considered a “Non-Responsive State?”

Most non-responsive conditions are caused by brain damage such as that caused by the impact of a car crash. However, there are various forms of non-responsive states, some of which are permanent, and some of which are temporary. A coma, for example, may be temporary, but it could take weeks, months, or even years for the person to recover. At the opposite end of the spectrum, someone suffering from locked-in syndrome as a result of a traumatic brain injury will be left in that condition for the rest of their life.


Injuries which stem from a brain injury and which leave the victim in a vegetative state require prohibitively expensive medical care, which is why it is vital that the relatives of brain damaged accident victims pursue legal action on their behalf, to make sure they are fully compensated for their injuries and so that they can be made as comfortable as possible while receiving treatment for their injuries.


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